I recently had the opportunity to take a Spanish class with Dr. Rodriguez, and I must say it was an incredible experience. The class was well-structured, and she is always enthusiastic about teaching the language. One thing that I really appreciated abou

Nora Hebshie

I learned a lot, my Spanish pronunciation improved and now I'm nore confident and prepared to take a knowledge test in Spanish.

Ana Senedo

I took this class in preparation for a trip to Peru. This class enabled me to communicate during my trip. I was able to speak to locals in order to buy food and to get directions. I was lost at one point and was able to get directions in Spanish

Aliceyanna Burkley-Mejia

Completely engaging from the very first class I was challenged. Mrs. Rodriguez has a sense of humor that makes you feel completely comfortable which builds your confidence and she consistently gives constructive feedback.

Andrea Garcelon Ramos

I signed up for Beginners Spanish from Language Solutions to learn and understand Spanish that I could use with Spanish-speaking students in a classroom. In Beginners Spanish, I was challenged to learn phrases, words, and verbs.

Emily Alves